Saturday, June 21, 2014

Faceted Progress

Hola!! Here's an in-editor peek at Faceted's latest progress. 

After the positive reception from the demo, I went on a level prototyping frenzy. This screenshot is a small portion of a Canyon level. Racing through Canyons in VR is pretty rad. I'm attempting to channel a good mix of IMAX Grand Canyon movies with a healthy dash of Death Star. 

The eagle-eye'd amongst you have probably also noticed a new cockpit design. refining and enclosing the cockpit has been fun. Its still got a ways to go, iterating w/ VR takes time and is a pain but the results are totally worth it.  

Holy crap making terrain with this low poly art style is fun! Creating art in the low poly style in general has been a lot of fun. Good times. 

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