Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Project: GiantSlayer - Flight Course Demo


I put together a demo for Project: GiantSlayer FlightCourse.

I'd seriously appreciate any and all feedback. Be brutal as you want!

Disclaimer: All of the art is placeholder! I've spent most of my time working on gameplay and perf-related tasks. 

About the Demo:
After talking to a bunch of people at GDC, I thought it'd be best to put together a proof-of-concept / teaser demo to show what I'm doing.

This demo serves to introduce players to flying an Anti-Grav ship around an urban environment containing Giant Monsters.

This is a looping demo, once you reach the end, it'll reload the level.

On subsequent playthroughs, feel free to go off-course and fly around and explore. Fair warning, there are probably a fair number of bugs outside the main course. (collision and whatnot)

About the Project:
Project: GiantSlayer puts players in the role of an Anti-Grav pilot who must defend The City against Giant Monsters. 

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