Monday, March 31, 2014

Project: GiantSlayer

Hey folks!

Here's a video of last week's progress on Project: GiantSlayer:

Most of this was done immediately after getting back from GDC as I've been stricken with GDC Plague.

The biggest changes were in direct response to seeing VR demos at GDC:

One of the biggest, but easiest to implement was adding an avatar, a virtual body for the player.  The Eve Valkyrie demo sold me on the importance of this.  For me, the biggest surprise is how alien looking down at someone else's body is. It still feels better than looking down into empty space though! From this experiment I've determined  I'd look pretty good in a flight suit. :)

The next big change was the addition of "real" buildings. They're still placeholder art, but are a huge leap from the Monopoly-type buildings I was using as placeholders before.

Lots of other stuff under the hood. The "track" is now laid out via splines. Various code bits are more stable, some probably less.

That's it for now! Follow me on Twitter or check the sidebar for more frequent updates.


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